Campdraft Program – Out Soon!

KEEP COOL FOLKS! Getting lots of calls re the Campdraft program and we appreciate that everyone wants to get a handle on this. We apologise for the delay but we have had to be certain of our cattle numbers before we could put a program together. That has been cleaned up and the program will be sent to the ACA for approval. As soon as this is all done, we will announce it here.  As an ACA sanctioned event, we cannot put out the program before that has been done.  Thank you for you patience.

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A big thank you to all who contributed to our 103rd Show.   Yes, it rained and we were forced to cancel but there is little that can be done about the weather. At least all the farmers are breathing easier. Despite many suggestions re staging it again in a few months – we will consider all options after we finish the paperwork etc from this one. Just stay connected and thank you all for the words of encouragement.


Killarney Campdraft 2014

This year, the Committee has decided to run a one day Draft on Saturday 17th May 2014.  The program will be Novice/Junior/Juvenile.  We don’t have sufficient cattle available to run our full program this year despite the recent much needed rain (it unfortunately doesn’t rain grass!)  Download the program here:   2014 Campdraft Program.

Nominations Open on Thursday 1st May 2014.  A Horse Health Declaration must accompany your nomination.

  1. 2014 Campdraft Nomination Form
  2. Horse Health Declaration